Board of Directors

UGI Corporation’s Board of Directors oversees the corporate governance of the company with the intention of creating long-term value for its shareholders and safeguarding the company’s commitment to other stakeholders, namely our employees, customers, suppliers, creditors and the communities in which we do business.

The Board of Directors considers the interests of the company’s stakeholders when, together with management, it sets the strategies and objectives of the company. The Board also evaluates management’s performance in pursuing those strategies and achieving those objectives.


Frank S. Hermance Frank S. Hermance
Non-Executive Chairman Director since September 2011
Roger Perreault image Roger Perreault
Director since June 2021
M. Shawn Bort M. Shawn Bort
Director since January 2009
Theodore A. Dosch Theodore A. Dosch
Director since July 2017
Alan N. Harris, Chair Alan N. Harris
Director since March 2018
Kelly A. Romano Kelly A. Romano
Director since January 2019
William J. Marrazzo William J. Marrazzo
Director since September 2019
Mario Longhi Mario Longhi
Director since April 2020
Cindy Miller Cindy Miller
Director since September 2020